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ExO World Digital Summit

14 - 16 April 2020 - Live Online & Interactive

Covid-19 has halted our lives in many ways. We're passing time at home with great concern for ourselves, our families and our communities.
Let’s take this opportunity to connect as a truly global community to create a new future.  
Join the global communities of OpenExO, Singularity University, XPrize Foundation and others.  This unique online experience brings together leading thinkers of our time to discuss our global situation and how we act to transform it. 

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World-class speakers and leaders include MarĂ­a Fernanda Espinosa, Peter Diamandis, Anousheh Ansari, Salim Ismail, Verne Harnish, Dr. Daniel Kraft...


ExO World will happen during 14th to 16th April and will be a mix of live central-stage presentations and panel discussions with numerous topical and localized breakout sessions and workshops taking place over a 72-hour period. This is a collaborative event where we expect tangible outcomes. You will not only receive knowledge but tools to transform the world for a better future! You can find the agenda here.

Purpose/Outcome: Introduce participants to the ExO World summit and explore 5 key challenges facing our world today


Key topics/messages:

  • We live in a world with exponential challenges (e.g corona or climate change)
  • Linear solutions do not work to address them
  • Technology is a major forcing function - we are facing 20 gutenberg moments happening at the same time
  • Our choices determine whether we will have a Mad Max or Star Trek future
  • Positive breakthroughs are already happening

Speakers include: Nishan Dergnarain, Jeff Booth, Daniel Kraft, Salim Ismail

Purpose/Outcome: Introduce participants to the major technological and other breakthroughs that hold a promise for the future


Key topics/messages:

  • Technology can be a force for positive change
  • Many of our current challenges can be addressed by beneficial use of technology
  • There are many examples where technology has been used to create breakthroughs


Speakers include: Neil Jacobstein, Marc Goodman, Raymond McCauley, Scott Summit, Divya Chander

Purpose/Outcome: Dive into the opportunities for societal transformation in 6 major industries


Key topics/messages:

  • Building on exponential challenges and breakthroughs from Day 1, let’s examine what this can mean for the future of our world
  • We have unprecedented opportunities if we work together to implement the available breakthroughs in different domains
  • We need to understand the opportunities we have and make smart choices about our future


Speakers include: Peter Diamandis, Ramez Naam, Brad Templeton, Julie Hanna, Andrew Hessel, Faiz Nazarali, John Edge

Purpose/Outcome: Examine how to overcome our society immune system in different domains and capitalize on opportunities for transformation


Key topics/messages:

  • CEOs and political leaders have a key role to play in making the transformation happen
  • In order to transform our society successfully, we need to overcome the ever-present immune system
  • All parts of our society need to transform - organizations, institutions, people and cities/countries
  • There are many tools that can help to make the transformation a reality 


Speakers include: Jimmy Wales, Brian Bacon, Steven Kotler, Andrew Rasiej, Gary Bolles, Nabyl Charania, Zenia Tata, Jade Teta

Purpose/Outcome: Present simple tools for envisioning and designing the future and get pariticants inspired to take positive action 


Key topics/messages:

  • The future can’t be predicted but can be created
  • Taking an active role in envisioning and building a better future is the best antidote to current fear and uncertainty present in the world 
  • Knowing own purpose and which part of the future one wants to build helps to find the right opportunities and initiatives to make it happen

Speakers include: Anousheh Ansari, Melanie Swan

Purpose/Outcome: Provide an opportunity for all participants to host topics of their choice and build alliances to make positive projects happen after the conference 


Key topics/messages:

  • Positive intentional action is how the future will be built
  • It is important to be courageous about the role each of us wants to play
  • Current world situation represents a unique opportunity to be bold about what can be achieved
  • Supportive networks and communities can help us to sustain momentum and deal with obstacles on the way


Speakers include: All participants

  • Three days of transformational conversations -- people pay over $10,000 for similar content
  • Q&A sessions with the main speakers after their Keynotes
  • Virtual networking 1-on-1 conversations
  • Practical breakout sessions on topics that affect you.
  • Award winning artists to lift our spirits.


Get ready to become a transformer!



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