Why are we running this Summit?

COVID-19 has caused numerous SMEs to shut down, particularly if not considered ‘essential’.  It has caused numerous others to scale back greatly, per the instructions of economically destructive healthcare dictates across the planet. Today, millions of SMEs are precariously poised on the edge of failure – with the prospect that their business models, consumer buying patterns, and supply chains will never return to previous patterns. 


Our event addresses the following key messages

In addition to COVID-19, three SME-forcing functions are transforming society today:

  1. Technological change - we have 20 industry-changing ‘Gutenberg moments’ arriving at the same time (AI, blockchain, solar energy, etc)
  2. Climate Change – COVID-19 has forced the revelation of supply chain challenges that ultimately reflect duress from the numerous facets of climate change,
  3. Economic & Social Change – the evolution of non-fiat currencies and Internet commerce have forever changed the relationship between SMEs and their customers, particularly as relates to retail and telephony/telecom.  Social disruption and destruction of property is exacerbating an already heightened financial crisis for many SMEs.


Our SMEs, consumers and society, in general, have been ill-prepared for all of the above, but..
  • Millions more SMEs across the planet have swiftly pivoted to not only protect their consumers, employees, and communities with appropriate health protocols, but also to implement entirely new business models, products and services.

  • COVID-19-related markets (PPE/Personal Protection Equipment, sanitary food delivery, etc.) have allowed a few to greatly increase their revenues by swiftly pivoting.


  • We propose this event as an opportunity to explore potential tools, solutions, new alliances and futures for SMEs - the world’s most powerful economic engine. The ExO Ecosystem and HealRWorld have both been building toolsets to help SMEs transform, and are excited to leverage these to help make a difference. 
  • Technology is a major driver of progress. Let’s couple that with genuine compassion - to co-create a far brighter future for all.
  • Let’s allow our SME leaders to be part of the solution - now!  
  • Let’s help SME leadership teach our politicians and government officials how others are handling delicate issues across the local, regional, national and global landscape.
  • We SMEs must unify as one voice, and as a single platform for sharing insights, tools, case studies and powerful epiphanies – and assisting one another.
  • We want to start the conversation to not only save, but accelerate, the world’s SMEs and initiate the measurable actions which will manifest this transformation.
This is the purpose of our ExO Small Business Summit; sharing the equivalent of thousands of dollars of value from the high profile and relevant speakers we have recruited to speak, share actionable tools we are curating, and at as minimal a price as we can offer ($97 per ticket). 
We want to bring people together, and by doing so, hope to transform the world of SMEs in service to humanity for a better future for all.  
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