ExO World: Now!

12 May 2020

On 14-16th April we gathered more than 2,000 people inside an interactive online ‘festival’ with one sole purpose - envision how the current global situation can serve as an opportunity to rethink and recreate our future.

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150+ speakers and sessions spread over 56 hours of jam-packed agenda brought thousands of people across Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas to listen to keynote presentations, interact in small curated breakout sessions, network with one other via a special networking feature and visit interactive exhibition booths. All of this from the comfort of their homes, completely and 100% online. 

However, due to various circumstances many people couldn’t join us in April. As such and following the dramatic success of the original ExO World Digital Summit, we have decided to create a distilled one-day event - ExO World: Now! on May 12th 2020.

"That was the best event I've ever attended"

-Valentine Stockdale, Managing Director, Strategy at Blueprints

"This Conference is AMAZING."

- Bill Gross, Founder - Idea Labs

"Brilliant, much better than face-2-face in a lot of ways." 

-- Anastasia Utesheva, Co-Founder - DnA Pathways

ExO World: Now! is a global one-day online event which features selected speakers from the original summit and will help you re-live the original atmosphere, content, interactions and the sense of magic we all experienced in April. The entire event will be live-moderated by Salim Ismail and will carry us from the current challenges facing our world to envisioning positive future scenarios and finding our own individual role in making this future a reality.

Most importantly, ExO World: Now! will be co-created with each one of you. We are looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

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Here are a few snippets from some of our speakers


Welcome to ExO World Now! 

The Mad Max Future


The Star Trek Future

Transformation and Tools 

Future Creation



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