ExO World: Small Business Summit!

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14 July 2020: 7:00am PDT - 5:00pm PDT


ExO World: Small Business Summit! is a global one-day online event which features speakers from various industries and disciplines. The entire event will be live-moderated by Salim Ismail and will carry us from the current challenges facing our world to envisioning positive future scenarios and finding our own individual role in making this future a reality, NOW!

Most importantly, ExO World: Small Business Summit! will be co-created with each one of you. We are looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

The purpose of ExO World:Small Business Summit! is to empower small businesses with the knowledge and skills to survive 2020 and thrive in years to come.

Bulk Access Package details

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$10 000

Virtual Booth
VIP Lounge
Branding on website, platform and emails
120 Tickets


$5 000

Virtual Booth
VIP Lounge
Branding on website and platform
60 Tickets


$2 500

Virtual Booth
Branding on website and platform
30 Tickets


$1 000

Virtual Booth
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12 Tickets


Virtual Booth: A branded booth on the platform for you to share your product/services and for prospects to register an interest.

VIP Lounge: A private access session on the platform for people using the tickets you bought.

Tickets: All access to ExO World:Now and to the recordings from the conference.

What you can expect

Great Speakers

Hear from an amazing group of talented speakers


Join in and create breakout sessions to transform the world


Meet amazing people from across the globe

"Only a few of my takeaways from this short talk (among many): What happens when you have a billion people around the world on lockdown? Lots of psychosocial challenges and an involuntary "killing of the ego". Baseline reality has dissolved... we now need a new shared mythology. And now is the time for us to embrace the opportunity to turn those lemons into lemonade. Take care of yourself FIRST. Practice short bouts of FLOW. We will get through this and break on through to the other side!"

Jason Silva
Emmy-nominated and world renown TV personality, storyteller, filmmaker, and sought-after keynote speaker and futurist.

Some Attendee Insights


"Amazing... I have met amazing people and have a number of follow up conversations across the globe!"

Nicole Dreiske
ExO World Speaker | Screen Smart

"Wow!!!! I don't know what else to say "

Steven Kotler
New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning journalist. As the Executive Director at the Flow Research Collective.

"ExO World was a truly global digital experience that connected thousands of like-minded individuals who are working hard towards creating a better world. I love this tribe :-)"

Kelley Rowe
OpenExO Member and Attendee

"At #ExOWorld, we talked about how society and institutions should rewire themselves to avoid the bureaucracy and inertia that make new ideas to fall back. Honoured to be part of it as a speaker with +3000 unique attendees, 130 speakers and +100 hours of live sessions for 3 days!"

Miguel Angel Rojas
OpenExO Member and Attendee

"I think it was the most rewarding summit I’ve attended to. Ability to network with more people than in a physical summit and the pace of knowledge sharing was mesmerising. I also felt that people were more available and compassionate than in physical summits. Thank you."

Patricia Milheiro
Transformation Advisor

"A real conversation!!! I feel I must of our friends and relatives are avoiding this conversation... it's time to accept and go... we will suffer but will be conquer."

Thomas Ermacora
ExO World Speaker

"Life Changing"

Cândido Espinheira

"This was. the best event I have ever attended"

Valentine Stockdale

"Brilliant Event, Much better than face-to-face in many ways"

Anastasia Uteshiva

“The ExO World Summit was an eye-opener for me especially the biotech, neuroscience and sci-fi sessions. I'm looking forward to the coming session as well as to invite more people to attend and participate also.”

Mashudu Thavhakhulu


“What an event...in the midst of a worldwide pandemic with everyone on lockdown the summit organizers managed to pull off one of the best online events of the year. Concurrently pursuing my ExO Consultant certification during the same month made the value and takeaways of this epic event even more sustaining.”

Eric Patel


“I have absolutely no hesitation in saying this was a game-changing event, not simply for the mind-blowing content, agenda and format but also the platform, deep connections even though virtual. I’m so grateful for the endless ingenuity and generosity demonstrated by the entire OpenExO team throughout the event modelling the values of this amazing global community.”

Jabeen Quadir


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